Simpson should quote what threat was made to him

Dear Editor,

As the organizer and an apostle of Yehsua the messiah, it is necessary for me to give redress to the some contents of the article captioned ‘Linden church leader stages march against homosexuality’ published in Sunday Stabroek, August 20.

This is not an effort to express any concern about my being falsely accused; it is promised in scripture that it is expected to happen to the righteous. The purpose is to expose the blatant deception and disingenuous nature of Joel Simpson, managing director of SASOD.

Mr Simpson was quoted as saying that, “London has physically threatened me on one of his television broadcasts. I am more fearful about their cults, who follow them blindly and may feel justified in physically attacking if they have the opportunity, because this is what their religious leader is promoting.”

Firstly, I challenge Mr Simpson to quote my threat made to him. I actually dare him to do so publicly. I am certain that your media house has means of reaching him as he was interviewed by your staff.

Secondly, the most injurious and damning statement is that I promote persons physically attacking him. I am certain that anyone with a modicum of knowledge of defamation can see the gravity of such a remark. I therefore, demand that Joel Simpson be made to state when this promoting of a physical attack on him was done and what was said.

Should Joel Simpson fail to prove any of his ridiculous and outright defamatory allegations society will prove which of us is ‘dishonest’.

Regarding my “using a picture of him and his partner as a rally call”, it is disingenuous to present this statement without informing your readers about what the photograph showed and who published it. Joel Simpson uploaded it to Facebook. Simpson and I are ‘friends’ on the said platform and I was notified by Facebook that he had uploaded a photograph, and as a concerned citizen I have a right to express my displeasure with the photograph.

His actions and public comments all prove him to be culpable of criminal actions, according to Articles 351-354 of the Criminal Offences Act of Guyana.

I await your publishing of Mr Simpson’s response.

Yours faithfully,

Nigel N London

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