We should not speak irresponsibly about our cricket

Dear Editor,

It is important that we do not act, write or speak irresponsibly about our cricket. We have to be responsible and realistic. It is also important that we pay attention to what is going on around us. Look at what the Indians are doing to the Sri Lankans right now. Look at what happened to Australia the last time they went to India and what happened to India the last time they went to England. Home field advantage is often critical in 5 day cricket and winning the toss often determines who wins in a five-day match. South Africa won the only match in which they won the toss on the recent tour of England. We must give maximum technical and psychological support to our team. We must remember that real pace is one of the greatest assets any team can have, so you must think two and three times before you exclude Gabriel from the team. We must find a way to put our best players on the field; that your best players have been beaten is not a reason to play a weaker team. Remember experience is important in international cricket. It is also critical not to pigeonhole cricketers. There is no reason why Blackwood cannot play one-day cricket.

Ignore English journalists. They have a psychological need to belittle West Indian cricketers. Give maximum help to the team. Consider bringing in one or two senior cricketers, even a Chanderpaul, before the Test tour ends. What the boys need is encouragement, not destructive criticism.

Yours faithfully,

Romain Pitt

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