Dear Editor,

I have said it tongue in cheek at times and other times seriously, but in truth there does seem to be an unusually high percentage of stupid people in the business of cricket management.

The firing of Darren Sammy is another illustration of the stupidity that manifests itself so clearly in the management of the CPL.

Sammy is not only the best cricketer on the St Lucian team, but he is the best liked player in the country. So why would you replace him with a foreign out-of-form ageing cricketer?

It should be obvious that West Indians, and in particular St Lucians would resent such treatment, and the impact on gate receipts would be negative.

There is no definable reason why the team has been losing, and there is no evidence that the large number of losses were a consequence of poor leadership. So why fire a St Lucian hero and a West Indian cricket icon. For heaven’s sake the guy was the captain of two championship teams.

Can we just have a little commonsense sometimes?

Yours faithfully,

Romain Pitt

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