There is traffic lawlessness at the Demerara Harbour Bridge

Dear Editor,

I have serious concerns about the regulation of traffic at the Demerara Harbour Bridge. The problems mostly occur at times of bridge retraction or peak hours.  Vehicles are allowed in several lanes but only one can access the paying booth at a time. It is at this point where the problems begin. There is bullying and minor crashes with damage to mirrors, lights and bumpers. Similar incidents occur daily at the western end. Although there are police present, they do little or nothing to regulate these incidents. In fact the police seem to be part of the lawlessness. Several vehicles are allowed to pass all those in the line and cut in front.  There is widespread cutting in, especially by minibuses and hire cars. For too long this lawlessness has been allowed, so that it has become a culture and can be seen daily.

These incidents have the potential to end in violence. I have had several incidents which almost  ended that way. But I must say I am fearful to the extent that I start preparing to defend myself for any such event. There would be no such fear if proper management was in place.

The Demerara Harbour Bridge and the Guyana Police Force must bear responsibility for what happens at peak hours and during retractions.

Yours faithfully,

C Woolford 

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