Do we have a teacher shortage?

Dear Editor,


My grandchildren attend St Margaret’s School and are excited to be going  back to school. There is however a matter of great concern to me. We found out today that the Grade 6 exam class that one of my grandchildren is in, has a temporary teacher who would be gone most of the time when university opens since she is a student there.

Is this situation repeated in other schools? Do we have a teacher shortage? Are there teachers still waiting to be posted to schools? Can this be fixed?

This is indeed a disappointment and should not be. It is unacceptable.  All students should have permanent teachers and especially at Grade 6, since this is the year they will prepare for an assessment the results of which could greatly affect their lives. Our children deserve better.

I plead with the Minister of Education to look into this matter. We must not let our children down. Those responsible for their education must ensure that each child has a full-time teacher in class and every student required to write national assessments is well prepared.

We can do better for these students. These schools must be fully staffed. We all cannot afford private schools; the majority of families still depend on public education, and as a country we must do right by them.


Yours faithfully,

Pamela Richmond

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