On noise nuisance magistrates want readings from decibel meters

Dear Editor,

In relation to the letter in Stabroek News on August 19 about the noise levels at night around All Saints Church, New Amsterdam, I have received the complaint. I have sent same to the Commissioner for him to ask Commander Paul Williams to deal with it at the law enforcement level. I have also asked members of the Noise Nuisance Task Force to see what can be done. These characters who create this nuisance are indeed violating the law both criminal and civil. But I am having difficulties at the trial. Firstly, the witnesses hardly show up; and, even on those occasions when they do, the Magistrates ask the very foolish question as to how loud the noise was, and when they answer “very loud”, I am told this answer is not good enough. The Magistrates want readings from decibel meters.

I will continue this fight against noise nuisance, but will have to get policemen walking around with decibel meters. If only citizens can be more responsible.

Yours faithfully,

Khemraj Ramjattan

Vice-President and Minister of Public Security

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