The problem is irresponsible drinking not underage drinking

Dear Editor,

The news item ‘Ramjattan favours raising alcohol buying age to 21’ (SN, September 17) brings the topic of alcohol consumption in Guyana into focus.

While a 2am curfew may work to contain the problem, it also creates binge drinking, whereby come curfew time people consume a large amount of alcohol in the shortest time possible.

Raising the age to 21 for the purchase of alcohol could also work if the problem is underage drinking which does exist. However, the real problem is not so much underage drinking as irresponsible drinking.

What is needed is a sensitivity campaign to alert people to how much they are drinking. Set a limit on the amount people may drink as in 2 shots of spirits, 2 pints of beer, 2 glasses of wine in a 2 hour period. Then, stop drinking!

Perhaps what is also needed is better enforcement of Guyana’s laws on the sale of alcohol as well.

Yours faithfully,

Sean Ori

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