Rocky McPherson was one of our best known athletes

Dear Editor,

I learnt with great sadness of the passing of Rocky McPherson in California. To the older generation Rocky, his household name, was one of our best known athletes. In my early athletic days Rocky’s small stature but technique and speed earned the admiration of many of us.

Rocky never gave up athletics and won many medals and acclaim as he continued into his later years, never giving up or accepting advancing age as a hindrance or impediment. Rocky’s continuous athletic progress is a sterling example to many of us who gave up our sporting activity as we approached the proverbial middle and later age.

Last year, I made contact with Rocky and we shared many experiences of the good old days at the GCC and the BGCC Ground at Thomas Lands. I hope that the Ministry responsible for Sport and the Athletic Association of Guyana will do something to remember this sporting giant.

I remember Rocky on and off the athletic track, always pleasant with a smile, and his conversations were always optimistic and uplifting. He ran an excellent race; he has taken the inside track of the final bend and has now passed the finishing line into eternity. May his soul rest peacefully.

Yours faithfully,

Hamilton Green

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