Dogs in unfenced yard attack children on way to Covent Garden schools

Dear Editor,

There is a house next to 114 Prospect on the East Bank of Demerara that appears to be sitting on a government reserve. The man who occupies this house has approximately twenty dogs; they are road dogs and very ferocious, but he doesn’t have a gate or a fenced yard. He’s surrounded by three schools, namely, Covent Garden Primary, Kindergarten and the secondary schools. Every day these dogs attack the schoolchildren either to or from school, and even sometimes others. Some might throw a small brick at them, but they would be soundly vilified by either the man or his wife. Most children are afraid to pass that area (it is the only street that can be used to get to the school) due to these ferocious dogs. I am a concerned parent who is asking the relevant authorities to kindly look into the matter, because I have two children: one attends the primary and another the secondary school. A few years ago my daughter was attacked by those very dogs and I worry about them every single day. I hope by writing this letter and making this situation public, our children will get some help and would be able to walk freely to and from school.


Yours faithfully,

(Name and address provided)

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