CH&PA has not granted storage bond approval after six months

Dear Editor,

We have applied to the Neighbourhood Democratic Council office which is Buxton/Foulis, for approval of a building design for a storage bond. The design was submitted along with supporting documents, and the relevant fees were paid. We were informed by the lovely staff at the NDC that they didn’t have the authority to deal with it, because of the type of building for which we had requested approval. This is because a local government law states that only a family dwelling house can be approved by the NDC.

The NDC then sent the design to the Central Housing and Planning Authority for further consideration and approval, which I understand is the standard protocol.

Editor it has now been over six months and we are still awaiting a response from the CH&PA on this simple matter of an approval. This storage bond when completed will create employment for over fifteen residents from the community of Bachelor’s Adventure on the lower East Coast of Demarara. I have heard stories of this process taking weeks to complete, but it’s now been months. If this country is serious about business and growing the economy, we need to move faster and not have these simple hindrances to doing business.

We are kindly asking the relevant office to look into this matter and give consideration to our plan, so work can commence.

Yours faithfully,

Ravin Ramoutar

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