The level of police performance in Mabaruma is low

Dear Editor,

The Commissioner of Police (ag) recently removed police officers from the Mabaruma police station for lack of professionalism. But unfortunately some of the police officers who took over seem now to be on campaign of harassment of Mabaruma residents who they feel are giving out information on the performance of police officers and this was responsible for the removal of their predecessors. According to residents some police officers are engaged in the searching of homes without search warrants, and without giving explanations to home owners as to the reasons why such searchers are being conducted. They will tell the home owners that “you could complain to who you want to, even the President of Guyana”.

There is a low level of police performance in the Mabaruma sub-region. The station there needs a superintendent of police to be the officer in charge, like the Lethem police station in the Rupununi. Further, it is important that the Commissioner of Police orders the reactivation of the Mabaruma community policing group and that its members receive training, so that they can play an important role in law and order in the Mabaruma sub-region. The Mabaruma police station also badly needs a station management committee to bring an end to unprofessional law-enforcement.

Yours faithfully,

Peter Persaud

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