The President’s action must be condemned

Dear Editor,

While Guyanese slept, the Granger-led dispensation took an axe to Guyana’s fledgling democracy. Legal narratives and constitutional arguments should not confuse the Guyanese people. The foremost worry of Guyanese who wanted change was whether they could entrust Guyana’s fragile democracy into the hands of the PNC. President Granger’s decision underscores that their fears were not unfounded.

The Carter-Price formula was necessary because of the inherent mistrust that is a salient feature of Guyana’s polity. Its creation came at a time when Guyana experienced over two decades of rigged elections, with the PNC in total control of the electoral machinery. The security apparatus of the State was complicit in these rigged elections.

From 1992 onward a convention evolved on the selection of the Chairman of the Guyana Elections Commission (Gecom) pursuant to the requisite constitutional requirements. There was no need for President Granger to throw this convention into the dustbin.

It is unfortunate that President Granger thinks that he and his party-men  are the only people who possess the nobility required to select the next Gecom Chairman. The President is no doubt aware that a vast segment of the Guyanese population does not share his views.  This unilateral action certifies their mistrust.

All Guyanese, regardless of political persuasion, should condemn the President’s action and demand a reversal. The people must have confidence in the custodian of their elections. Anything less is unacceptable.

Yours faithfully,

Kowlasar Misir


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