Event at Utivlugt Mandir offended sanctity of Diwali

Dear Editor,

On October 18, 2017 the Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha grossly disrespected Sanatan Dharm by hosting a motorcade at the Uitvlugt Ocean View Mandir without putting measures in place to preserve the sanctity of Diwali. Diwali is a very sacred and auspicious religious celebration of good over evil, light over darkness, prosperity over poverty and knowledge over ignorance. This celebration according to Hindu scriptures requires us to prepare our material body for it by way of fasting and sincerely praying to Maha Laxmi Devi. It is one of the most important observances for Hindus.

As I was entering the compound of the Mandir a number of hotdog vendors were just outside the gate selling hotdogs and patrons were seen going into the Mandir’s compound with the hotdogs. Hurtful also was to see patrons sitting and standing on the Shivala (Lord Shiva’s abode) with their footwear and eating hotdogs. As if this was not enough disrespect to Hindus, the cultural programme featured items that were not appropriate for Diwali. Songs from movies that spoke to non-religious actions were entertained and smoking of cigarettes by patrons was another form of disrespect. I left after observing these adharmic actions.

Editor, I blame the Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha because measures should have been taken to ensure the religiousness of the season was upheld but I guess a large crowd was more important than the preservation of our Dharm.

Yours faithfully,

Ganesh Mahipaul

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