Cecilia Bennie has given unstinting service to cancer sufferers

Dear Editor,

As Guyana celebrates cancer awareness month once again let us continue to support victims and survivors of this dreadful affliction that has claimed the lives of so many human beings.

Within our country, the name Cecilia Bennie, a career hardworking cancer advocate and nurse should be given a national award for over 25 years of unselfish service to those who have been afflicted with all forms of cancer.

Ms. Bennie has travelled the length and breadth of our country giving hope, love, strength and support to thousands. She can easily be recognized as the pioneer of hospice care for the terminally ill patients. In my estimation she is an unsung cancer hero and the Government of Guyana should award her for such long and dedicated service to country and people.

The name Cecilia Bennie has made a footprint in Guyana’s sand. The time is now for history to be kind.

Yours faithfully,

Andre Fortune

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