Coalition government should pay proper salaries to all categories of teachers

Dear Editor,

In short, out of the teaching service came the public service and they are both indispensable to each other. Teachers have to impart knowledge to students by way of explaining, illustrating facts and ideas and also to have a good command of English in order to be effective. Thus these qualities will certainly help to facilitate assimilated learning of the students.

Having been students themselves, public servants will be able to translate what they have learnt into responsible forms of administration relevant to the respective areas in which they work. To my mind, teachers as well as public servants should be paid decent salaries with improved working conditions.

With regard to teachers, they always have to be planning their lessons in view of what to teach and how to teach it, and with final evaluation of the lessons, be it primary or secondary level. In this way, teaching does demand tense and wearying concentration. I strongly feel that teaching is partly a vocation of the profession which ought to be respected and cherished at all times.

Consequently the coalition government should pay more attention to paying proper salaries and improving working condition and benefits of all categories of teachers. An improved and modern educational system can with motivated teachers, certainly help to decrease ignorance and illiteracy which may be seen in action.

Ultimately and appropriately academic qualifications, training, experience and quality of performance must be commensurate with salaries received.


Yours faithfully,

Autry A. Fernandes

Tutor- French

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