GTT billed for overseas calls not made

Dear Editor,

Not too long ago, one used to associate GTT with efficient and reliable service. Recently, though, there has been a dramatic decline in customer care and support. My family and I have been loyal GTT customers for over thirty years.

In the summer of 2015, I started to notice that on the bill were unaccounted for overseas calls  (telephone number 2252443) covering a span of three months. First I was charged for the month of July 2015 and received that bill in September 2015. Immediately, I addressed this issue with GTT’s customer service rep in person and spoke with an individual who blatantly accused me of making these calls by stating, “If you didn’t make the calls how could it appear on the bill and who made it then?” He took no time to assess the situation or even perhaps look down at previous bills. If he saw my previous bills he would see my phone activity to be mundane and show phone calls to the same phone numbers over and over. Yet, he had the audacity to insinuate I was making these unknown phone calls and now trying to avoid paying them. Afterwards, he did agree to take a copy of the bill and promised to have it investigated, and when information became available, he would advise me accordingly.

However in October 2015 I received my August 2015 bill and noticed I was charged once again for these overseas calls. I went back to customer service and advised him of the new development. He took copies of the bill for July 2015 again and for August 2015 and promised to have these investigated. Unfortunately, in November 2015 I received the bill for September 2015 with again unaccounted for overseas calls to the same number, along with local cell calls I know nothing of. The representative gave me his word this matter would be looked into deeply.

It became a ridiculous run down just to get this matter rectified. There was months of back and forth with ultimately no effort or concern given by GTT. After not getting any results in five months I decided to visit the GTT office again on March 3, 2016 and spoke with the Supervisor.  He advised me that GTT will be deducting the unauthorized charges on the bill, but as of today November 22, 2017 no deduction was ever made on my bill.

GTT informed me to write a letter to their office. Once again, I did what they told me, and I don’t like having matters hanging over my head. I wrote this letter since the middle of last year and sent it to them; the letter was addressed to the customer service manager. As of today November 22, 2017 I have yet to even receive a call from them addressing my letter or even acknowledging my letter.

GTT has showed the utmost disrespect and disregard for me during this process. How GTT and their employees have carried themselves during this process, does not speak well of their business standards and must be addressed. When a company like GTT runs a monopoly they start taking the customers for granted, and treat us without the integrity and principles a normal business organization should conduct themselves with. To me GTT no longer stands for Guyana Telephone & Tele-graph, it should stand for Guyana Tele-phone Thief. How they operate their business is more in line with a shady empire than that of a professional legitimate service.

Yours faithfully,
S Mohamed

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