Granger says one thing but does another

Dear Editor,

When you listen to President Granger’s messages to the nation, they are extremely cryptic, so much so that only the expert can decipher his tone, which ranges from didactic to plain old empty sloganeering.  But all of these empty lofty messages are worthless since they fail to reconcile with the public actions of his administration, especially on public sector appointments.  The majority of public sector appointments since this Granger team arrived in the presidential complex illustrate a persistent attitude that could only produce a schism in our society. In simple terms, Mr Granger and his team say one thing but are doing a completely different thing. They continue to make a grand mockery of the whole concept of social cohesion and national unity. This is public hypocrisy of the worst order.

I have had cause to look at the pictures showing the training of Dr Clive Thomas’s new asset recovery agents. Is this picture a fair reflection of all our peoples?  Is this the new Guyana under President Granger?

History has already taught us that those who tried to pursue this bigoted path in the 1970s and 1980s failed miserably.  You cannot build the nation by rejecting half of that nation.

Unfortunately, the damage from these Granger-led actions has already started to bear fruit as the state of the economy continues to regress.  So why is Mr Granger this dogmatic and shortsighted? Our nation is woven with many threads, not only the green and yellow ones. Thus, I urge President Granger to take a more balanced approach that can be seen as pro-Guyana, pro-people rather than this totally irresponsible path that seems to be wedded to an ideology of “kith and kin”.  The only outcome would be that societal damage to the nation will be irreparable in the short term.  Mr Granger will be long gone when the nation will be stuck the damage his administration is causing.

I am aware that the AFC leaders are now either fully fledged PNC members/ apologists or just plain toothless poodles, and thus nothing of substance can be expected from them.  But I am expecting civil society, especially the churches, to reflect on these anti-Guyanese actions of the Granger administration.  The reality is all lives matter.

Yours faithfully,
Sase Singh

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