Only a few meat sellers and caterers meet Islamic requirements

Dear Editor,

At various gatherings of Muslims, it has been noted that within recent times a number of new restaurants, meat sellers, supermarkets and hotels have been advertising their products for sale, either raw or cooked food, but that only a few are recognised as meeting the Islamic requirements for Muslim consumption.  Accordingly Muslims are specially asked to take good care and make sure they buy and consume only Halaal products; if they do not, they may end up eating haram food which is against the teachings of Islam.

The owners and managers of businesses should be very honest and reliable in all their dealings, whether Muslims or otherwise, and have their products properly recommended by their staff to be purchased by their customers. Of course, Muslim customers must also make sure with whom they are dealing. Halaal meats are strictly for the Muslims of the world, and dealers must also avoid contamination in cooking and at places of slaughter.

Halaal chicken from Bounty Farm, and Royal chicken, two of the largest producers, and Fish Hook selling chicken and meat along with some smaller Muslim ones, are safe to buy from. However, it is always better to have products labelled with the name of the produce, similar to the Jews’ Kosher foods, which Muslims could also eat if it comes from the right source.

It should not be surprising that non-Muslims along with some Christians also seek to buy Halaal products for consumption by themselves and family.

Yours faithfully,

SMV Nasseer



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