Can the police say how many car-jackings this year and how many vehicles recovered?

Dear Editor,

I note a media report citing statistics provided by the Guyana Police Force about the number of murders, robberies, traffic accidents, etc, that have occurred this year. Missing from the list is the number of car-jackings and vehicles stolen. I have been told that that number for this year stands at well over 100.

Can the GPF provide the public with the accurate figure and can they say how many vehicles have been recovered through police investigations? And does the GPF consider these serious crimes?

The GPF needs to provide the statistics for these crimes along with the comparative figures of car-jackings and vehicle thefts that occurred in previous years.

For everyone who continues to be concerned and wishes to know whether my car has been recovered, the answer is: no. As far as I am aware, there has been no proper investigation.

That’s the story from just about everyone who has been car-jacked or had their vehicle stolen and it feeds the public perception that the police are involved in these crimes.

Yours faithfully,

Ryhaan Shah

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