Vendors must abide by conditions before selling on pavements

Dear Editor,

The Mayor and City Council has designated special areas for vendors during this festive season. The council is happy to be able to provide space to permit street vendors to ply their trade at this time.

However, those who are selling on council’s pavements, parapets and other thoroughfares have agreed to abide by certain conditions. These include only selling in areas identified by the council for vending; no selling in or around the Stabroek Market square; providing proper garbage bins to throw away garbage in the right way; keeping the area where they are selling clean and tidy at all times; bringing out small amounts of goods every day; keeping passageways to businesses and other public and private places free from boxes, barrels, carts or any other things; not selling in front of commercial banks or stores, or displaying their produce and goods on the ground or on roadways; displaying produce and goods on clean materials three feet above the ground; using clean water to sprinkle fruits, greens and vegetables offered for sale to the public; not encroaching on public roadways; encouraging the person selling next to them to obey the laws and regulations of the city; and reporting to the nearest constabulary outpost if they observe persons or known characters acting in a suspicious manner in the area where they are selling.

The Mayor and City Council is urging all vendors to pay attention to their assigned area and to help the council to keep the city clean.

Also, the council wishes to make the point that activities and events which characterize this festive season are no excuse for littering and other forms of indiscipline, which make the city look ugly and affect its image and reputation.

Yours faithfully,

Royston King

Town Clerk

City of Georgetown  

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