Closure time for bars and clubs has to be observed at all times

Dear Editor,

Some time ago, when Minister Ramjattan announced that bars and clubs must close at 2am, there were many appeals to him to reconsider this measure but  Minister Ramjattan was steadfast in his position. At the time he explained that the closing time of 2am for bars and clubs was provided for by law. I believe the Minister was correct.

Since the newspapers have described this closing time as a curfew, it necessarily means that it is a curfew not administratively imposed but a legally imposed curfew. That position therefore gives rise to my question: since the curfew is imposed by law, where does Minister Ramjattan or Acting  Police Commissioner  Ramnarine get the authority to waive or relax the law. The law is the law. It has to be observed at all times. My understanding is that only Parliament can suspend the operation of a law. And as I am on this note, can Minister Ramjattan or Acting Police Commissioner Ramnarine say whether the law against carjacking and armed robbery has been relaxed as well?

Yours faithfully,

Selwyn Persaud

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