Heames impressed with U17 players


Kristian Heames, coach of the Finland based FF Jaro club said he is very impressed with the quality of the National u17 players during their scouting and talent assessment session held yesterday at the No. #5 ground, West Coast Berbice.

The trials which is set to conclude today, is being utilized to test the quality of the participants, with the most outstanding participant earning a possible try-out at the Finland club.

Quizzed about the possibility of players being selected for a trial at the European club, Heames said, “Yes definitely, it is just working out the mechanics of how it can be done, in terms of how you can bring the players into the country because Finland is a great opportunity for that because the regulations allow for players from outside of European Union, Guyana being one, to come more easily.”

Kristian Heames, coach of the Finland based FF Jaro club going through a drill with members with the National u17 squad during the Scouting and Assessment programme yesterday at the No. #5 ground in West Coast Berbice

According to the UEFA A-License coach, “They are really receptive, they have a good attitude, which is the number one thing that I would look for. They have that professional mentality, some really good attitudes.”

Heames, 38, said that emphasis was placed on teaching a European style of play.

“I was trying get them to think differently, one like a European team would. I understand their style of play and climate is different but I wanted to do something that I would do with the professional club in Finland to get them to think in that way and adopt some of the things in that style. “It is a lot about counter attacking, changing quickly and it took them a little time to get used to it because when you change styles it takes a while to get out of the normal habits but I was impressed with some players who really caught on straight away,” he added.

Meanwhile, former national player Walter Moore said “I’m so happy the guys delivered and the coach is happy, it is just now for us to discuss and see them in a final game this [Saturday] afternoon and we will make a decision from there.”

He added:“It has been great. In the beginning  the defenders struggled as to why they did certain things with their body but after explaining to them some grasped it right away, they are skillful players, it is just for them to keep the focus.”

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