Continued from last week


This week, we will look at Floribunda roses and Hybrid Tea roses.

A Danish hybridist, Dines Poulsen, once dreamt of producing a new variety of roses with modern flowers in clusters. To achieve this he crossed Polyantha (Heir-loom) roses with Hybrid Tea roses and his first Hybrid Else Poulsen appeared in 1924 followed by another.

Poulsen roses and Floribundas appeared around 1930, however, it was not until 1952 that this term was adapted.

Floribunda roses generally provide a larger splash of colour on your rose bush than Hybrid Tea roses. The average Floribunda is hardier, easier to care for and more reliable in wet weather than its Hybrid Tea counterpart.  They are renowned for their season long clusters of medium size blooms. The average height of the plants is between18 inches and 3.5 feet.

Some popular Floribunda that were successfully grown here in Guyana are Chanelle, Fragrant Delight, Queen Elizabeth and Red gold.


Until next week, Happy Gardening.

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