As we prepare to say goodbye to 2017 we should probably consider not taking exhausted trends and terrible habits into 2018 with us. This week I decided to put together a list of trends and habits I think we should all consider dropping.

Need over want

A recent rummage through my closet earlier this week in search of holiday clothes left me feeling filled with both gratitude and disgust. I felt gratitude at my good fortune that I am able to afford to buy nice things and personal disgust over how impulsive some of my shopping habits have become. Some of my pieces I consider one-time wears; I think fast fashion has ultimately altered the way we consume and appreciate fashion. These days you can get a dress cheaper than a fast food meal and low prices fool us into thinking over consumption is wise because the savings are impressive. However, I am also pretty sure that if we were to compare quality with quantity, most of our impulsive buys would rank low. It is really a save, is the question you should constantly ask yourselves. Try to be smarter about the way you consume in 2018 and understand that it is okay to buy one expensive thing rather than five cheap ones.

Crop tops and skinny jeans

For the life of me, I am so sick and tired of these. They have become such a staple and sometimes it honestly feels unfashionable to not include them in my wardrobe. But there are so many trends and aesthetics to try, that it is important to try to step out of the so-called fashion safe zone.

It is about time you ease up on these for the New Year.


I might get my head snipped off for this one, but I am so tired of this over dramatic makeup technique. Everyone and their mother seems to want to look like Kim Kardashian and it was cool for a second but it’s starting to get difficult to recognize people. Couldn’t we please go back to the old five-minute makeup routine? On the plus side, it’s way more economical and half of us can’t even get contouring right.

Sneakers over heels

Similar to contouring, half of us can’t even walk in heels properly; myself included. Even though sneakers have become considerably popular, heels are still a preferred choice of wear for women. Functionality aside, I also think it’s high time we stop associating the choice to wear sneakers with being less than feminine. Women have come a long way, but it’s really time to stop subjecting ourselves to useless things that do not benefit us in any way whatsoever

Fanny packs

I think I am slowly starting to get sick of handbags, perhaps because I work from home and I consider them to be a hassle when I am out and about. Some people say the popular fanny pack trend from the 80s should be retired, but I am now truly starting to appreciate them. They

Looks good, but find other styles come next year.

are functional and easy to wear and on the plus side frees hands for whatever else you have planned.

Off the shoulder

This has got to be the most exhausted style this year. It is as almost as annoying as skinny jeans and crop tops. I get that it’s flattering for some women, but there are many other silhouettes that are worthy like the shift style that can be flattering too. Perhaps it’s the exhaustion of seeing all of these trends on social media all of once and constantly but I personally always wonder what else is out there and you should too.

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