The Chin’s brand: Maintaining a high standard in the green seasoning market

Chin’s Green Seasoning

Few locally manufactured food products are more popular than food seasonings and with more than a dozen brands of the product on the local market (to say nothing about the foreign brands that appear increasingly on the supermarket shelves) manufacturers are kept constantly on their toes if they are to keep pace with the competition. 

What makes local food seasonings a lucrative product on the local market is not only the Guyanese proclivity for ‘nicin up de pot’ but the fact that food seasonings are also embraced by food vendors with reputations to parade. A new brand, frequently with a new flavour, pops up with monotonous regularity. 

In the business of food spices and condiments, however, reputations count for plenty as the local food sauces supplier R.P’S Enterprise is finding out. RP’s is currently in its ninth year as owner of the brand which, itself, has been around for more than three decades. ….