Business School rolling out new programmes

James Bovell The Business School Director

One of the world’s leading professional marketing bodies, the United Kingdom-based Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) has issued a commendation to the Georgetown-based Business School “for the exceptional performance of its students at the Institute’s July 2017 assessments,” Chief Executive Officer and Principal of the school, James Bovell has told the Stabroek Business. And in a gesture of further recognition of the work of The Business School, Bovell said that the institution has also been upgraded from Study Centre status to include Examination Centre status.

“We’re obviously delighted,” Bovell told Stabroek Business. What this means, in essence, is that we are delivering the curriculum of a prestigious international institution in a manner that properly equips our students to make an impact at their workplaces. It’s a feather in our cap.” According to Bovell, the Business School is the only accredited study and examination centre in Guyana. The School’s new CIM programmes commence on August 13.

Meanwhile, focused, he says, on providing curriculum choices that cater to “the developmental thrust   of the country and the consequential training needs of students”, the Business School is, in the period ahead, aiming even more deliberately at enhancing “the business dimension” of its courses, according to Bovell. “We exist to help build a local base of skilled men and women to respond to the priorities of the country. We understand that those may evolve from time to time. At the moment there is a clear business focus that derives chiefly though not exclusively from the advent of oil and gas. The Business School wants to support that thrust,” Bovell told Stabroek Business. ….