Subliminal messaging in marketing

I’m currently renovating a space and in observing the things I was drawn to I slowly realized that a lot of things I liked were pretty mainstream. I’m not a particularly trendy person, actually I’m not a trendy person at all so my taste in these things really caused me to stop and evaluate where the interest came from.

 Through my work in fashion I understand in depth how marketers condition us to buy whatever it is that they are selling. Companies spend their marketing budgets desensitizing people to spend money on things that we don’t need and don’t even necessarily like.

Millennial Pink

In my case it was what is referred to as Millennial pink, and even with this my interest is late as the colour met its peak popularity in March 2017, more than a year ago. I spend hours on Pinterest, visualizing my thoughts by way of pinning random images to a virtual board, and I can only assume that from seeing shot after shot of the light but bright hue it grew on me. ….