Why I never turned into a thief

Grandmother, God-and “licks”

Dr Jagdeo’s LCDS, the Brigadier’s GSDS

Perhaps I do bore some of my regulars by pledging that “this will be my most brief yet.” (See, I wasted one whole sentence above.)

But because this social issue easily attracts many pages I shall try hard to be succinct. And, quickly, readers will see how I have personalised the issue to – hopefully – make my point. Even though my perspective and conclusions are from generations past.

Simply put, I am supporting an Annie Baliram who was moved to write a letter responding to Dr Mark Devonish, a British Guyanese who has obviously decided to join appropriate debates engendered locally. Baliram advised Dr Devonish that “the majority of Guyanese never fell into crime even though Guyana is poverty-stricken.” I think “poverty-stricken” is a little harsh, but I write to endorse her sentiments about old-time morality in the midst of familial and community need…..

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