Emancipation, Gabriel, arrival and Amerindians

-Cohesion? Peaceful co-existence, I say

-Teachers, sugar-cakes – and “lessons”

In sequential truth, I should begin with the misnomer “Amerindian”. After all our social history records that those Mongolians were the first to make this part of the planet “home”. (Incidentally, is it not absolutely intriguing how mankind has roamed his planet before deciding when, where, why to settle down? And initiate countries, societies, cultures? They are on the move to this day!)

So our first (Guianese) peoples – numerous tribes, now broadly nine – were deemed “American Indians”. (“Eastern Indians” discovered on this South America.) Their descendants are celebrating the consequences of their coming and occupation and existence this same September month. I’ll return to this annual observance a few paragraphs later.

By now my regulars would have picked me up: I’m on again about my preference for peaceful co-existence as against any imposed “social cohesion” amongst our (diverse) groups. Okay, I’m guilty as charged. For it was just a few weeks ago I expressed my doubts about the approaches to “Social Cohesion” by any government agency, by any commission or even by legislation. I still argue that the best manner for us to cohere socially – if it’s necessary – is that it emanates from our people themselves. From homes, schools, churches – (look how many “original” Hindus are now Christians – and pastors!) – and, perhaps, from natural intermingling at work places…..

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