His Excellency’s chairman fumes

…As GECOM attracts sympathy, scrutiny

Concerning the GNBA and NFMU

No. It’ll be appropriate for me to “boast” that I was first to “advise” that the imminent Local Government Elections (LGE) would generate robust, even rancorous divisive contention for the rest of the year.

That was easy. Because any local national election does that. Additionally, when His Excellency could not find any qualified, “fit and proper” candidate from Dr Jagdeo’s list of eighteen to be GECOM Chairman and arbitrarily selected James Patterson, who would always be regarded as his “personal” Chairman, distrust was bound to be engendered. Thousands amongst half the electorate justifiably must lose some trust and confidence in the entire electoral bureaucracy after His Excellency thumbed his nose at the intent and spirit of our Constitution.

Expectedly, you wouldn’t hear the PNC candidates complaining about the numerous glitches which attended the LGE Nomination Day. Others did because they were real. Amidst all that His Excellency’s Chairman – like His Excellency, no lover of press conferences – called a press conference a few days ago to fret and fume…..

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