On educating PNC Leaders and loyalists

Our Judiciary: Many cringe, as convicts smile

How to avoid being “Dead Meat” parties

I hereby reminisce briefly about the 1980 to 1992 days when I was part of a small pivotal team contributing to sensitizing and educating (frontline) People’s National Congress (PNC) members about their roles during elections campaigns.

Rigged elections or not, the party was bullish on the mobilisation and preparation of both members and eager supporters who would be the operators, protagonists and visible “face” of actual campaigning. Whether through conceptualizing, providing technical skills or speaking at local meetings or mass rallies.

I helped – after succeeding Victor Forsythe – to fashion speakers’ briefs and other daily advisories meant to promote unified messages through effective, grassroots communication. I even managed to experience “unfortunate humour” when advice was followed – like not to deface property or objects people held in some esteem – until the final week of many a campaign. From the home turf of the already-converted and loyal to hostile “enemy” territory however, the enthusiastic comrades always managed non-violent aggression and strategies…..

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