Has there ever been a time since Independence when we were not fighting in this country? It has not always been with weaponry, but there has been an ongoing warfare that plays on the emotions of the people, imprisoning them with oppression and segregation.  

Here we are again. The game between the opponents vying for the throne in ‘Kingdom Guyana’ has reached another peak. And how many of us are shocked that once again the claws of the fiercest competitors are out to draw blood? Those of us who were stunned by the results of the no-confidence motion brought against the government by the opposition, forgot,perhaps for a moment,  that  our stability has always been threatened in this land of many waters.

We have repeatedly witnessed through the actions of some of our leaders that it is not the people who come first in our 83,000 square miles of unrealised  potential  and enviable natural resources. Nature has bestowed Guyana with everything that is needed for her citizens to enjoy life, yet most of us are often frustrated and disappointed, manipulated and made to live in poverty and despair because the captains of our ships continue to take us through the roughest tides…..

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