The oil and gas conference and expo


Representative from the Private Sector Commission of Guyana Limited

`The Private Sector Commission of Guyana limited basically represents the private sector organizations in Guyana. During the expo we displayed a number of brochures of the different companies which brought about a great response from different persons. These different companies are attempting to show what Guyana has to offer and how they will be connecting as they embark on the oil and gas journey.’

Vaughn Ramcharitar- Chief Operating Officer of JSL International

`I’m with JSL International Group of companies and we offer manpower provision to the Guyanese market. The Expo has provided a lot of networking opportunities, there’s a lot of companies that are interested in Guyana and we believe that we as a company, who have been here since 2011, we can assist those companies. We had a number of students who were enquiring about how they can get involved in the oil and gas sector. I believe that the Expo was a success, because, from my experience, this being an inaugural event, the first of its kind in Guyana, it has been very successful with a huge turnout.’

Representative from D&J Group Inc.

`Our company specializes in logistics, real-estate, and location. If persons are looking to export and import, buy and sell, we do that as well, whether it’s locally or internationally. We’ve met with a lot of persons during the Expo, who have been able to advise us and we in turn gave them advice.’


Representative from TechnipFMC

`The Expo has caused a lot of persons to know about the company itself and they can learn a lot more about the industry. Also a number of persons came with their CV and were asking about work. But the good thing is that a CV is not really needed just a technical background because we don’t really learn about oil and gas in our schools so it’s basically on the job training.

Bonny Singh

`I think that the response to the exhibition was really good and I believe that there’s a lot of potential in the market. Because of our oil industry, a lot of persons haven’t noticed in the sessions that they’ve had, the amount of revenue to be gained, Guyanese get a sense of hope. I deal with Timberland, the number one footwear in the world, which covers every sector of the footwear industry, oil industry needs and safety. We’re the number one distributor of Timberland in the country and we’re more than willing to facilitate the process by partnering with the oil persons in the industry. Not only by providing persons protective equipment and the footwear. Our booth has been visited by a number of school children, which is good because the only way we can get by as a country is by exposing our children to information.  What the Expo has done is give exposure, we may not see a profit today but the mere exposure of our people is important.’

Mariska Gittens-McEwan

`I think this Expo has brought about a lot of exposure for persons looking for employment and it’s also a great means of exhibiting what’s now the developing part of Guyana, in the oil and gas industry. Century group is a Nigerian-based company, now they have a local company which is Century Tamara Ltd. We offer procurement services, maintenance of vessels around the world, developing large and small businesses, working along with large and small businesses, among others. This Expo has brought about a good turnout with persons who are excited to get into the oil and gas sector. A lot of students also want to know about the training and how they can get into the field as soon as they graduate.

Arsenio Belgrave

`The Expo has been good so far and I’ve basically learnt different things that I didn’t know before. I’m not necessarily interested in the oil and gas sector but mainly the private sector.’



Thomas Munroe

`The entire oil and gas is an entirely new experience. What I’ve noticed at the expo is that there are a number of Guyanese companies, like Brass Aluminum …and information that was provided through the Expo. I’m just really happy that I visited the Expo, even if it wasn’t for a long time.’

Milford Bradford

`I didn’t spend much time in the Expo, but in that one hour I spent a lot of time talking with persons. I was specific in what I was looking for at the Expo because I’m looking specifically at how we can provide transportation to the big players. I found one group which would be of guidance to me and I will follow up. To me the Expo was very useful. I would encourage other persons to also attend the Expo because they may be able to find much more than I did. I think the Expo was great for networking, because if you don’t you won’t know what’s available. It’s all about making use of what’s available.’

Gairy Snagg

`I found the expo to be educational, informative, the media can only give so much. I actually expected more Guyanese to come out but to my disappointment I did not see that. Even persons I would have invited I didn’t see. It’s better you know firsthand than to receive the information after. The expedition itself was quite beneficial to me because I’m looking to get involved in the gas sector.’


`The exhibition was mind-blowing because there were a number of companies and things that you wouldn’t expect. I noticed that Guyanese as a whole tend to think that the oil and gas industry is something bad for the country, and that the companies would come and take this and that from the country and they would not get anything in return. If they attended the Expo they would have found that that’s not the case, like I discovered.  I see loads of opportunities and I’m ready to tap in. A lot of the offshore rigs are looking for persons that they can train and have. I’m disappointed in the turnout but they have to blame those in charge.’

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