Police recover Ryhaan Shah’s stolen car

-colour changed, thief produced valid registration

On November 04, 2017, Irving Street, Queenstown, Georgetown resident Ryhaan Shah was robbed of her Toyota Allion motorcar by three males as she was about to drive into her yard.

Today, the police say that she positively identified her stolen property which was impounded recently at an ‘A’ Division Station. Her registration matched that of the engine and chassis numbers with the only exception being the colour which was changed.

The police said that the vehicle was found in the possession of a male who claimed ownership and even produced a valid registration but investigators had their own suspicions and impounded the vehicle, pending further investigation.

A short while later, the said driver along with another suspect were fingered in a series of armed robberies during which some of the victims were relieved of their vehicles. The duo has since been charged and remanded, however they will now face additional charges.

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