Over 600 Mashramani vending spots still available -M&CC

More than 600 spots overlooking the Mashramani parade route in Georgetown are still available for vendors, but no vending or picnicking will be allowed to take place along Vlissengen Road, the Mayor and City Council (M&CC) announced yesterday.

It was stated that approximately 230 spaces have already been designated to vendors, and those desirous of renting the remaining spots are encouraged to do so as early as possible before the February 23rd event.

The Mashramani parade will begin at Thomas Road and Albert Street, then proceed east onto Vlissengen Road, then continue to D’Urban Park, entering through the south western entrance.

According to Chairperson of the M&CC’s Social Development Committee Monica Thomas, the vending spaces at the Square of the Revolution and Irving Street, between Church and Forshaw streets, have all already been occupied.

It was later related by Deputy Solid Waste Director Floyd Rowlins that only 24 spots were designated in Square of the Revolution.

It was also related that while all the spots along Irving Street between Church and Forshaw streets are not occupied, it has been closed for vending as spaces are being left to allow for flexibility on Republic Day.

“From Forshaw going north until you reach Barr Street, Kitty, there are a lot of spots available, so persons are required to go on the ground—because the spots are already marked off—and pick a spot that’s more suitable for them, that they’re more comfortable with to vend,” Rowlins stated yesterday.

It was indicated that spots are also available in parts of D’Urban Park.

Rowlins advised that persons select more than one spot in case the area they are interested in is already taken, then visit the M&CC so the rental can be facilitated.

He further related that persons will not be allowed to vend, nor will families be allowed to picnic on Vlissengen Road, from Thomas Road to Hadfield Street, eliminating the use of temporary stalls and tents along the parade route.

The costs of the vending spaces were given as follows: From Barr Street to Thomas Road: $10,000; From Thomas Road to Lamaha Street: $12,000; and from Lamaha Street to Church Street: $15,000.

The spaces at Albert Street and Irving Street are 10 ft x 10 ft in size, as are the spots on the west side of the Square of the Revolution. The vending spaces on the north and south sides of the Square of the Revolution are 20 ft x 10 ft in size.

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