Mahaicony community to get asphaltic concrete road

Work underway on the road (DPI photo)

Residents of Rebecca’s Lust also known as High Dam, in Mahaicony, Region Five are soon to benefit from an asphaltic concrete road, according to the Department of Public Information (DPI).

Project Engineer from the Ministry of Public Infrastructure (MoPI), Anthony Haynes told DPI that the project was undertaken following a request from the region’s administration, to have the road rehabilitated.

The road which was said to be “partly earthen dam and partly pond” will be transformed into a 2-inch asphaltic concrete structure, that will run approximately 0.3 kilometres beginning from the main road.

The project which is valued at over $20M includes excavation, white sand, and loam filling among others. Haynes said that “when we started the work we found that the sub base was very weak so we had to do extensive excavation because of the ponds on the road”.

“So, we have a case where, in the sub base there are approximately five feet of sand and we placed another one foot of mixed loam to give us our base course and then we will put the final course which is the asphaltic concrete”, he said, according to DPI.

The works which began last October are expected to conclude this week. The $22M contract for the works was awarded to Chung’s Global Enterprise.


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