Roxanne Burnham residents upset over proposed barbeque pit

-City Council approves use of reserve land

The plot of land at the entrance of Roxanne Burnham Gardens which is at the centre of residents’ concerns following a decision by the Mayor and City Council to allow a proposal for the land to be used for a barbeque pit.

Residents of Roxanne Burnham Gardens are displeased with a decision made by the Mayor and City Council to allow the transformation of Council reserve land, at the entrance of the community, into a barbeque pit.

This decision has since been countered by protest action taken yesterday by the residents, who are committed to having it reviewed.

When contacted for a comment on the issue, City Councillor Sherod Duncan under whose constituency Roxanne Burnham Gar-dens falls, said he was not aware of the situation but will look into the concerns raised.

One woman, who asked that her name not be used, explained that while they respect every citizen’s right to earn a living, they do not feel that it should come at the discomfort of others. She noted that based on what has been communicated to them, the council has granted permission to a businessman from Kitty to set down an old container which will be transformed into a barbeque pit stop.

Highlighting the main reasons for their displeasure, the woman said, the placement of the barbeque stop at the entrance to the community would generate traffic build up, while adding that the smoke will also create discomfort for residents who live close by.

Residents of the area are also concerned that once the proposed establishment opens, it will attract loiterers, which would leave residents uneasy when traversing there.

 “We respect everyone’s right to earn a living but putting that there would be wholly inappropriate… We want our green spaces to remain green spaces,” she added.

The woman explained that no one in the community was consulted before the decision was made and she said the Roxanne Burnham Community Development Group has since made attempts to meet with the Mayor and City Council to have the decision reviewed.

 It was noted that the chairperson of the committee was able to speak with Mayor Patricia Chase-Green who promised to “look into the matter.”

Notwithstanding this, the woman said residents are committed to seeing action taken by the Mayor and City Council.

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