Region Four issues 33 D&I contracts with warning

One of the young female contractors signs the document (Region Four photo)

The Regional Democratic Council of Region Four has issued thirty-three contractors with drainage and irrigation contracts accompanied by a warning about substandard work.

According to a release from Region Four, the contracts which were issued in the presence of the Regional Chairman Genevieve Allen and Regional Executive Officer Pauline Lucas are the first set of such contracts issued for 2018.

“Today you thirty three have signed these contracts, which are the beginning of the cleaning of drainage for works in Region Four. I want to stress that while I have no intention of pointing out anyone I would like to stress that I am not prepared to accept work that is below our standards. I am warning persons that they have received contracts which have given clear guidelines as to when they must complete these works and under the circumstances that they would be paid so please note that we are sticking to what the contracts states,” a stern REO told the contractors.

The release said that several of those signing the contracts did so for the first time and expressed appreciation to the region.

Lucas urged them to ensure that those that they employ deliver excellent and quality work noting that it is their responsibility as the contractor to ensure that they execute their contracts at the highest level.

She told the contractors that she has an open door policy and issued her personal cell and direct office numbers encouraging them to call her directly should they encounter any difficulties. The REO, while stressing the urgency for the contractors to deliver quality work, also noted that no contractor should have to wait for undue periods to be paid declaring that once the work is satisfactorily completed she will ensure that their payments are processed in a timely manner.

She also expressed her disgust over child labour.

“If you want to help a child with money that is fine but I will not tolerate anyone engaging in the services of children in executing these contracts as a child’s place is in school not cleaning any drains regardless of the economic situation of that child,” she declared.

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