Harmon to run for PNCR Chairmanship

-candidacy expected to be test of who holds sway over party, Hinds says

Joseph Harmon in back row at left at the General Council meeting on Saturday. (PNCR photo)

With Minister of State Joseph Harmon declaring his candidacy for the post of People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR) Chairman at its upcoming biennial congress, political analyst Dr. David Hinds says that the expected contest would likely signal which support base holds sway over the party.

“…Harmon would have a bigger challenge since he is not a traditional party member—

he has not come up through the party ranks. But it could also tell us which wing of the party holds sway—the traditional wing, which I think will go for [current Chairman Basil] Williams or the newer ex-army and APNU types, which I think will favour Harmon. This makes it a fascinating race,” Hinds told Stabroek News hours after Harmon publicly announced his intention to run for the post…..