Death of Suriname cop not seen as linked to piracy attack – crime chief

Ravikant Premcharan

The death of Surinamese policeman Ravikant Premcharan, who was found in a vehicle on Passiebloem Straat in Paramaribo, Suriname on May 13th has not been linked to the April 27th piracy attack in Surinamese waters which left over a dozen Guyanese missing  and now presumed dead, Crime Chief Paul Williams said.

Williams last night told Stabroek News that during the visit of senior police officials from Suriname last week, the death of the officer was discussed and he was told that the death is not linked to the attack carried out on the fishermen at sea.

“We had a meeting with them and during that meeting the matter was raised and they said his death has no link to the piracy. They said it is nothing of the sort,” Williams said…..