Man acquitted on charge of raping 13-year-old

Abraham Browne

A man was yesterday cleared of charges of raping a 13-year-old.

Indicted was Abraham Browne who was accused of sexually penetrating the young lady on August 28th, 2016.

He had pleaded not guilty the charge of rape of a child under 16.

After some three hours of deliberations, a 12-member jury returned a unanimous verdict—acquitting Browne of any culpability in the alleged sexual assault of the teenager.

In her admonition to the young man to stay out of trouble and focus on being a good example for persons to follow, Justice Jo-Ann Barlow cited the old saying, “had I not where the crows were found, I would have been home safe and sound.”

The judge told him that sometimes young people see such circumstances as the one in which he had found himself as “nothing.”

“I don’t speak to you as a judge to a former-accused, but as a mother of a young man.” “Stay away from trouble,” she warned.

Noting that she has no criticism for persons who consume alcohol, the judge cautioned Browne that since imbibing played a role in why he had been placed before the court in the first place, he should desist from heaving drinking.

Justice Barlow told Browne who was visibly overcome with emotion that he ought not to be drinking to such an extent that it clouds his vision, rendering him unable to ascertain what is happening around him.

“The jury has found you not guilty and you may step out of the docks,” the judge told Browne who seemed visibly relieved as he embraced his tearful mother.

The trial proceedings were held in-camera at the Sexual Offences Court of the Georgetown High Court.

Browne was represented by defence attorney Adrian Thompson.

The state meanwhile, was represented by Prosecutors Narissa Leander, Tiffini Lyken and Abigail Gibbs.

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