Region Five councillor found guilty in wounding case

Abel Seetaram

A Region Five APNU+AFC councillor was on Wednesday found guilty of a wounding charge at the Fort Wellington Magistrate’s Court. Abel Seetaram, 36, of Lot 121 B Woodley Park Village, West Coast Berbice  was charged with the felonious wounding of Nateram Rabindranauth, 54, a vendor of Lot 64 A Woodley Park Village, West Coast Berbice on January 21.

Seetaram, who was represented by attorney at law, Horatio Edmonson was found guilty by Magistrate Rhondell Weaver. Edmonson in a plea of mitigation on Wednesday requested that the court exercise mercy and leniency to his client.

Seetaram will return to court on June 13, when a probation report will be read before he is sentenced. Initially when Seetaram was charged in January of this year he was placed on $100,000 bail.

Rabindranauth had previously told Stabroek News, that his son and Seetaram’s son were involved “in a lil scramble”. Rabindranauth had said he decided to “part” the lads when Seetaram arrived at the scene  and allegedly “lash me with a piece of wood…When he come me been between them two boys a part them and he run up and just start lash me”.  The chips vendor was rushed to the Fort Wellington Hospital after he sustained a broken jaw, fractured nose and suffered internal bleeding.

He was then transferred to the New Amsterdam Public Hospital where he was a patient for some time.

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