Glasgow man hammers wife, daughter to death, hangs self

The house where the killings occurred

A Glasgow, East Bank Berbice man murdered his wife and daughter yesterday morning and then hung himself.

Jainarine Seetaram, also known as “Rado,” after killing his wife, Bindomattie Seetaram and fatally wounding his daughter Serojdeo Khan was later found hanging under an abandoned house, one street away, from his residence at Lot 1078 Glasgow New Housing Scheme.

It was an emotional day in Glasgow yesterday, after the 41-year-old unemployed man, just after 9 am, attacked his wife, also known as “Kameek”, 38, in the head with a hammer. He then used a knife to slash her throat while she was lying in a hammock outside of the lower flat of their house.

The couple’s 20-year-old daughter also known as “Aniela” or “Anno”, and 11-year-old son, Mahesh Seetaram, also known as “Arun” were upstairs when they heard the commotion.

According to the police, the son relayed to investigators that he heard his mother telling his father to move from next to her yesterday morning. The lad also told investigators that his parents had fought some two weeks ago.

Stabroek News was told that the two children rushed downstairs where they saw their father armed with a hammer with a wooden handle and a knife. Both children witnessed their father delivering a lash to their mother’s head with the hammer.

Seetaram then attempted to lash his son who ran out of the yard.  In a fit of rage, the man then turned to his daughter and did the unthinkable, and dealt her several lashes in her head as well, with the hammer.

Mahesh then returned to the scene with his grandmother, Omawattie Behari, 57, who then discovered the bodies of the two women.

Bindomattie’s body bore a gash on the right side of her head and a slit on her throat, while Khan’s body bore a gash on her head and a cut on her forehead.

 By this time, residents and relatives who reside close by, had rushed over to offer assistance to the two women who were lying on the concrete outside of the lower flat, next to the hammock.

Khan, who was still conscious, was picked up and rushed to the New Amsterdam Public Hospital, where she succumbed, minutes after her arrival.

Residents said that they heard screaming and upon looking over they saw Seetaram carrying out the attack.

Trevor Marcus

A neighbour, Community Policing Officer Trevor Marcus explained that other neighbours had begun to scream that Seetaram was murdering his wife, after which he saw the man running away from the scene with a weapon in his hand. “I run after he, but he run in the cane fields and get away,” Marcus recalled.

While police were busy at the crime scene, Seetaram decided to end his life one street away from the house where he had murdered his wife and daughter.

As undertakers were getting ready to remove Bindomattie’s body, residents began screaming, “He deh at the old house! He deh at the old house!”

The police and residents, who had gathered then made a run for the abandoned house, where they found Seetaram hanging from a rope.

After picking up Bindomattie’s body, the undertakers then went to the abandoned house and picked up Seetaram’s body. The hammer which was used in the attack was found on a table at Seetaram’s residence, while the knife was found next to his body at the abandoned house.

Mohanlall Behari

Bindomattie’s father, Mohanlall Behari stated that the couple had been together for over 22 years. He recalled that around 10 am he received a message that his daughter had been murdered.

“When I come I see she deh here in the hammock lay down, and me wife gone a hospital with me granddaughter,” he said, while adding, “She head bash in and she get one slit in she throat and me granddaughter head bash to”.

Behari recalled that the last time he saw his daughter was around 8 am yesterday when he was grazing cows in the backlands.

“I come in and he did deh in the hammock eating a tennis roll, and me daughter been deh washing and them tell me morning and we talk and I gone,” he recalled.

Behari explained that his son-in-law had been previously employed at a cement factory on the East Bank of Berbice, as a security guard. “After the factory close down, he start work a sawmill as a security, but then he get sick and stop work years ago,” the distraught man said, then added, “The chap na been like work, and them must be tell he to go look work and them fight”.

According to Behari, Khan’s husband and Jainarine’s brother, who are both overseas, along with other relatives, assisted financially with maintaining the family.

The attack has left residents in Glasgow New Housing Scheme shocked as they could not believe that their neighbour had murdered his wife and daughter, and then killed himself.

The  residents spoke highly of the entire family, and one man said, “The man when he talk you can’t hear he and the lady quiet too, the family always a look good and deh together”. While one neighbour observed, “Them does get them quarrel like all family, but me never expect this, for that man do that, I don’t know”.

Persons called for more to be done at the grass root level in communities in order to eradicate domestic violence.  “We need to do more for our women, this is too much now, we need to do more,” one resident pleaded.

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