Rose Hall champion cyclist brain tumour not cancerous

Beyonce Ross

Rose Hall champion cyclist, Beyonce Ross, 15, who is currently bedridden with a brain tumour found out on Monday that it is not cancerous.

The three-time junior gold medal cycling champion fell ill in early February. After an MRI scan, it was discovered that young Ross had a tumour in her brain.

The family told Stabroek News on Tuesday that they are grateful to know that the tumour is not cancerous and they are now praying for the teenager to have a successful surgery.

Her mother, Yonette Clarke, 48, said that she will be visiting the Georgetown Public Hospital to meet with doctors who will explain the way forward. She noted that she is yet to find out where her daughter’s surgery will be performed, and the cost attached to it. Clarke had been told previously that her daughter’s surgery would likely have to be performed overseas.

Meanwhile, Clarke noted that after complaining about the fatigue of having to use public transportation to transport her daughter to the clinic in Georgetown, an ambulance was provided on Monday to assist with transporting the family.  She noted that Ross’ condition has not improved but she is stable.

It was reported that, according to Clarke, Ross’s brain “had a buildup of fluid and all of that, so [we were] referred to [neurosurgeon] Dr. (Amarnauth) Dukhi”.

 “Because of her condition and the state she was in, he requested an operation to help to drain the fluid that’s building up in her brain, so he put a shunt in her brain right now, that’s draining the fluid from the brain to her abdomen”, she explained.

Ross underwent her first operation on April 13, after which she spent six days at the Georgetown Public Hospital. Clarke had related that after the operation her daughter’s condition improved “a little”.

Dr. Dukhi then referred Ross’ case to a doctor visiting from Jamaica who recommended that a biopsy be done which showed that the tumour was not cancerous. “Dr. (Ivan) Crandon did the biopsy [two] Wednesdays ago, Dr. Dukhi had indicated to us that where the tumour is located, it is in a critical spot in the centre of the brain”.

The family is determined to ensure that the budding cyclist receives the best health care possible in order for her to make a full recovery and return to normal life.


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