Minibus union proposing fare hikes, five-year moratorium on bus importation

-in wake of fuel price rise

The United Minibus Union (UMU) is proposing an increase of $20 for short drop minibus fares, along with a $40 increase for all other zones, and a five-year moratorium on the importation of minibuses.  

The proposal was sent to the Ministry of Business last week, and president of the UMU Eon Andrews says they are hoping that it will result in a meaningful meeting between the two parties, where they will able to come to some middle ground which will be beneficial to all.

The proposal, which was seen by Stabroek News yesterday, said, “In view of the present imbroglio orchestrated by some misguided minibus operators through the machination of invisible authors, the United Minibus Union would like to state that we feel an increase in bus fares is justified in the present situation of increases in operational cost, but not specifically a rise in the cost of fuel, over which the government has no control.”….