Venezuelan man stabbed to death after attacking woman

A Venezuelan man, who was seen assaulting his partner after she danced with another man, was fatally stabbed by a miner after he rushed to the woman’s aid.

The dead man, who was identified as Rafael Angel Gonsale Prieto, 27, of Caicara, Bolivar State Venezuela was killed sometime around 1.50 am on Saturday at Black Water Backdam, Cuyuni River.

Divisional Commander Kevin Adonis yesterday related to Stabroek News that the suspect was arrested and remains in police custody assisting with investigations. The suspect was apprehended approximately 16 hours after he fled the scene. Police in the area were able to make the arrest after acting on information given to them.

On the morning of the fatal stabbing, police said the Venezuelan man and his partner, also a Venezuelan national of Maracay, Venezuela was dancing with a Brazilian national at a restaurant in the community.

The dancing angered Prieto leading him to confront his partner during which they got into a fight at the restaurant and bar.  Police said Prieto pushed the woman to the ground, sat on her chest and proceeded to use a knife to cut her hair off. The suspect rushed over and intervened. He dealt Prieto multiple stabs about his body. Prieto was left lying motionless at the scene.

He was later found by the owner of the business, Bishram Persaud. Police related that upon the businessman’s arrival he found the man lying on the ground shirtless with his face up and clad in a pair of pants.

The body was taken to Eteringbang Landing where it awaits a post-mortem examination, police said.

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