Madewini cop being probed over detention of Timehri man

A police rank stationed at the Madewini Police outpost has been transferred after he allegedly arrested a Timehri, East Bank Demerara resident for payments due for his personal motor car during last week.

Contacted for a comment on the matter on Monday, Commander of ‘A’ Division Leslie James said an investigation has been launched into the matter.

Reports are that the police rank last Wednesday arrested a Timehri resident who rents his motor car after the man failed to pay him the full amount of the weekly rental for the vehicle.

The matter was bought to the police’s attention, after a photograph of the man handcuffed at the Madewini police outpost was circulated on Facebook.

When asked if this allegation indeed led to the policeman taking his own action and arresting the Timehri resident, James said “yes, that is only one side of the story” while noting that Rampersaud was taken into custody for a “police matter”.

 “…But of course there is more than one side of the story, so we are looking at all sides….the allegation and photograph, everything in relation to this matter is being investigated”, James told Stabroek News.

The Timehri resident was released from custody after being detained for a period of two days.

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