Puran Brothers seeking approval for waste oil incinerator

A proposed waste oil incinerator at Great Diamond, East Bank Demerara, is needed for the country, according to Manager of Puran Brothers Disposal Services Khalesh Puran, who says it is expected to employ more than a dozen persons.

A dozen projects have been submitted to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for environmental authorisation, according to an EPA Public Notice.

Among the 12 submissions is the Puran Brothers’ proposal for a Waste Oils Incinerator at Parcel 725, Block XXIII Great Diamond, East Bank Demerara (EBD).

Speaking to this newspaper last week, Puran confirmed that they have a project earmarked for the processing of waste oils and while it is still in the planning phase, they have applied for the necessary environmental authorisation which is still being processed by the EPA.

“First of all, it’s something that Guyana needs. In the case of these waste oil, that all of these workshops and other mechanism shops produce, they usually do heavy dumping of it in the environment, and that is something that we, as a company, tried to fight against,” Puran explained.

He noted that their company has long embarked on methods of recycling its waste oil by giving it to loggers for reuse.

“I know there’s an enormous challenge because as a company we receive a number of calls almost every day about waste oil problems,” he explained.

He noted that they are still in the negotiation process to procure the necessary equipment and a supplier to set it up. They project that it will cost in excess of $50 million.

Puran added that when the project comes on stream, they expect to add about 12 to 20 more employees to their payroll.

“We currently have 375 persons employed in our company and that would definitely add more to it. We will be looking for technical persons like engineers and others because it starts from the collection of waste oils to the treatment and additional processes,” Puran explained, while noting that the technical persons to explain the process and other technical details of the project were not available.

In terms of a start-up date for the project, Puran explained that they are still bringing representatives from the international company which they will be partnering with, but the pace will increase after they receive the go ahead from the EPA.

“We are ready and we have the land space for it because the EPA was there. We have in excess of two acres of land,” he said.

According to the Public Notice, which was published in the June 15th edition of Stabroek News, 11 other projects from around the country have also applied for environmental authorisation.

It stated that BK Quarries Inc. and Hilbert Shields, of Guyana Shields Resources Inc., have applied for sand mining at Block B&C of Lot 2 Soesdyke, East Bank Demerara, and Dora, Linden-Soesdyke Highway, respectively.

Marvin Allicock, Bharat Lall Nandlall and Serojnie Narine have all applied for portable sawmills. The proposed site for Allicock’s sawmill is at Sand Hill, Makouria, while Nandlall’s will be located on the Left Bank Essequibo River, Right Bank of the Paraweka River, Left Bank of the Butukai River.  Narine’s portable sawmill will be located at Right Bank, East Kaburi, Northern Tumatumari Ridge.

Toolsie Persaud Ltd. has applied for the construction and operation of a Wharf at Sub-block ‘B’ of Block ‘U’, Plantation Providence, EBD.

U Mobile (Cellular) Inc. (Digicel) is proposing to have a Fibre Optic Submarine Cable (Deep Blue Cable system) laying and landing at City Beach, Georgetown (front of the Marriott Hotel).

The notice went on to state that Amjad Reasat, of A&S General Construction Inc., is proposing to have an Asphalt Plant at Plot 723 Great Diamond Industrial Estate, EBD, while Loris Michael Darnley of LD Enterprise is proposing the construction of a Livestock Farm at Lot 8, Gibraltar, Corentyne, Berbice.

Bisram Prashad is proposing a Lumber Depot at 2252 Section C Block “X” Diamond, EBD.

The final project is a proposal from Shaheed Ferouz and Zabeda Ferouz, of Twin’s Manufacturing Chemists, for the manufacturing of drugs and other chemicals at 31 Industrial Estate, Ruimveldt, Georgetown.

The notice stated that in accordance with Section 11 (2) of the Environmental Protection Act, Cap 20:05, Laws of Guyana, the Application for each project had been screened by the EPA to assess its potential environmental impacts and it had been determined that the projects will not significantly affect the environment and are therefore exempted from the requirement for an Environmental Impact Assessment.

It further stated that any person who may be affected by any of the projects can lodge an appeal against the Agency’s decision with the Environmental Assessment Board within 30 days of the publication of the Notice (June 15th).  

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