Man found at Providence died by drowning

Jaigobin Seecharran

Jaigobin Seecharran, the 39-year-old man whose body was discovered in a trench at Providence, East Bank Demerara on Tuesday died from drowning and as a result of blunt trauma to the head.

A police source confirmed the findings of the autopsy which was conducted on Wednesday by Government pathologist Dr Nehaul Singh.

It is suspected that Seecharran might have sustained the blunt trauma to his head due to a fall.

The body of Seecharran popularly known as ‘Redman’ was discovered around 8.30 am in a trench known as ‘Number 3 canal’ which separates Mocha Access road from Herstelling New Scheme by a block maker who works in the vicinity.

The police were alerted and Seecharran’s body which was submerged face-down was pulled out of the trench.

Seecharran’s brother, Seegobin Seecharran had related to this newspaper that he last saw his brother alive on Sunday around 7.30 pm when he left his Lot 91 Herstelling, EBD home after spending the day. “The last thing I ask he is weh he going and he seh he going and buy cigarette”, Seegobin had said.

He said he was at work when his wife called him and informed him that a body was found and it was suspected to be that of Jaigobin.

As a result, he said he rushed to the scene, where he positively identified the remains as that of Jaigobin. “When them guys tek he out was him”, Seegobin had added.

He had further related that Jaigobin had no fixed place of abode and would consume alcohol on a regular basis.

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