Courts, Whirlpool make three customers millionaires

Courts Guyana Inc. recently gave out $3,625,000 in cash including to three lucky Whirlpool customers who are now millionaires.

Courts and the Whirlpool brand teamed up on July 17 to reward three lucky customers who purchased Whirlpool products with $1,000,000 each.

Although one of the lucky winners was absent on the day, the other two lucky winners were all smiles. The winners were Cassy Ward, Sherese Williams and Mr. Hoosain.

Ward told the media, “It is not my first time winning a million dollar.” she also said that she is really happy about it and that she will continue to shop at courts.

Courts also had an inclusive offer where 25 customers were able to win $25,000 each for shopping $49,999 and over, all in  preparation for the company’s 25th anniversary.

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